During the pandemic, we started a secret project to hang out together across our spread-out offices. We ended up with a VR lazy river with six unique worlds to float through. We also included a scavenger hunt, squirt guns to shoot your friends, and an area to draw together in 3D. The whole thing was scored with original relaxing tunes to boot.

One goal was to get as many collaborators as possible within the company, and in the end, over 300 people contributed in some way. We celebrated the launch with a 24-hour float-a-thon where people from around the world could stop in and let the currents guide them.

In addition to leading the tech team on development for this project, I wrote a custom analytics solution with a postgres backend, and an admin panel to make announcements and manage our many floaters.


Dream Stream

Multi-player VR Floatation


Tech Lead

Charlie Whitney

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