Pulse is an interactive installation that lights up to the beat of your heart. BMW featured Red Paper Heart as it’s features creative act in New York City, and comissioned us to create an interactive sculpture as part of the BMWi Born Electric Tour.

We aren’t always aware our own heartbeat. It’s something we really only think about when we’re nervous, angry, excited, or perhaps at the doctor’s for a checkup. This association with intense emotion is what makes the heartbeat an interesting input. Pulse displays what is hidden inside, turning an internal rhythm into an external display of light and animation.

A pedestal in front of Pulse has a glowing sensor which reads a participant’s heartbeat. As the sculpture displays begins to pulsate, it also charges up with every beat. Every person’s heartbeat makes the piece grow in complexity and intensity which culminates in a brilliant yellow display. Our installation ran alongside other local artists’ work from New York from Nov. 12 – 18th 2012, and for thousands of New Yorkers it truly reflected the pulse of the city.

Made with Red Paper Heart



Just As Soft As It Looked



Charlie Whitney

Daniel Scheibel


Zander Brimijoin

Philip Sierzega


Kim Robinson

Podium Fabrication

Sam Aguirre

Event Prodcution

BMW i. Born Electric