Created for The Lab at the inaugural Panorama music festival in New York City, Giant Gestures was commissioned to give festival goers a chance to take in some physical art with their music. Visitors approached a giant tablet and were handed gigantic fingers with which to swipe and poke. These are no regular styluses, and to play games on this tablet, you need to put your whole body into it. Visitors got to unlock our humongous tablet, pick one of 3 games, and were able to finish up with what else, but a selfie. Custom shareable images were created for them based on their chosen game on a playful real world background.

In asking visitors to play giant sized games the goal was to amplify motions we do hundreds of times a day so that you feel each one. In addition to drawing attention to these huge swipes, the games required movement, and we ended up inadvertently creating some of the funniest dances at the festival. Whether you played alone or a friend, the one constant seemed to be that if you give someone a giant finger, they will try to pick their nose. We have hundreds of selfies as proof.

Created as MTNGODS with Philip Seirzega.

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Giant GesturesGiant GesturesGiant GesturesGiant GesturesGiant GesturesGiant Gestures

Giant Gestures

Sumo Sized Swipes



Charlie Whitney

Creative Direction

Philip Sierzega


Taylor Cole

Tablet Fabrication


Finger Fabrication

Laura A. Serman

Sarah Wondrack

Social Development