Charlie Whitney investigates the role of art and technology and the way it interacts with physical spaces. He designs technology based work that elicits and amplifies emotional responses from viewers. Charlie creates work that uses technology as a platform and not an endpoint, to give users new ways in which to express themselves.

Charlie was a Co-Founder of Red Paper Heart, an inagural member of the NEW INC program, and adjunct faculty at the Design and Technology Program at the New School in New York City.

Selected Speaking and Workshops

2016 Workshop, Versions VR Conference, New York, NY w/ Wilson Brown (Antfood)
2015 Panel, CMJ Music Marathon - Shaping the Future: Music, Technology and Creative Collaboration, New York, NY
2015 Workshop, Tasmeem Doha, Doha Qatar w/ Sougwen Chung
2014 Speaker, Pioneerworks, Software for Artists Day, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Speaker, FITC Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2012 Speaker, HPX Explosion, Halifax, Canada
2012 Speaker, FITC Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2012 Speaker, Reasons to be Creative, New York, NY

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Giant Gestures, Panorama Music Festival, New York NY
2015 DELQA, NEW INC at the New Museum, New York, NY
2015 R.E.M.X., Arad, Romania
2015 Jump In, F5 Festival, New York, NY w/ Antfood and Buck LA
2014 Pulse, Featured Artist - BMWi Born Electric Tour, New York, NY w/ Red Paper Heart
2013 Playground Deconstructed, Museum of the Moving Image, Queens, NY w/ Red Paper Heart
2013 Hug Party, FITC Toronto, Toronto, Canada w/ Red Paper Heart
2011 Cycling Classic, Escape to New York Festival, New York, NY W/ Red Paper Heart